Introducing the Qt 300™ Sound Masking System

By David Sholkovitz 1.16.2014

IJanuary 15, 2013 — Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. (CSM), a leading provider of sound masking systems, is proud to introduce the Qt 300, the newest addition to the QtPro™ product family. Manufactured in the United States, the Qt 300 is a fully integrated sound masking generator, controller and amplifier. This new control module is ideal  for medium multi-zone spaces of up to 36,000 square feet (3,344 m2).

The release of the Qt 300 reaffirms CSM’s leadership position in providing cost-effective, energy efficient, and intelligently engineered sound masking systems that deliver optimal acoustical performance. The Qt 300 is based on the same platform as the Qt 600, establishing a common environment for straightforward QtPro control module installation regardless of the size of the space.

This robust and feature-rich system is easy to control and maintain. Users can adjust system settings via the easy-interface front panel, and can also set up error reporting and establish time dependent masking levels via their PC, Mac or tablet device using the intuitive Qt™ Monitoring and Control Software. Additionally, the Qt 300 is an integrated solution offering sound masking along with paging and music via the two auxiliary audio inputs.

Qt Quiet Technology sound masking systems provide a discrete background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce distractions, increase speech privacy, and improve productivity. Qttm systems integrate paging and music functionality, making them a 3-in-1 complete solution for creating better acoustic environments. Sound masking is deployed in a variety of environments, including corporate offices, health care facilities, government and military installations, finance, legal, hospitality, and retail spaces, as well as venues and event facilities. The Qt 300 will start shipping immediately.

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Cambridge Sound Management, Inc.
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