Qt® Active Emitter wins NSCA Excellence in Product Innovation Award

By Jon Page 3.01.2018


We’re proud to announce that our Qt® Active Emitter, Fusion Edition has won the NSCA Excellence in Product Innovation award in the retrofit category.

The new Qt® Active Emitter, Fusion Edition fuses QtPro direct-field technology with DynasoundPro networked sound masking, providing the most uniform coverage and precise control available in the sound masking industry. This makes it easier to mask buildings with varied ceiling architecture – for example buildings with both open-plenum and drywall ceilings — where a combination of both direct field and upward firing speakers on the same system may be desirable. It also provides integrators with more options for customized masking, music, and paging zones. And because the Qt Active Emitter, Fusion Edition is connected to the DynasoundPro Networked Sound Masking System, users get unbeatable commissioning control via the DynasoundPro Privacy Manager software.

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