Security and Compliance Officers

Sound Masking for Security and Compliance Officers

Calculate your speech privaacy - sound masking for security and compliance officersQtPro Sound Masking enables Security and Compliance Officers to protect confidential data and information. Typical methods for preventing unauthorized access to personal information or classified proprietary and tactical information focus on securing computer servers and electronic communications. Securing verbal communications from being overheard is often underserved due to high construction and labor costs.

Corporate offices feature a variety of workspaces that require their own unique solutions for improving worker comfort, productivity, and speech privacy. QtPro™ Sound Masking Systems helps business owners improve acoustic environment, enabling employees to feel more comfortable and less distracted in corporate environments.

QtPro sound masking system is the only direct field sound masking solution available on the market. This technology enables a much more uniform distribution of sound masking than any other system. QtPro uniformly disperses a pre-tuned sound masking signal directly into the workspace. The result is a consistent sound throughout the space that is easily achievable without the complex tuning required by indirect systems.

Learn more about QtPro sound masking systems by browsing the materials below. These materials are the most common materials requested by security and compliance officers interested in adding a QtPro sound masking system to their workspaces.