Property Managers

Sound Masking for Property Managers

Sound Masking for Property ManagersCambridge Sound Management sound masking systems not only protect speech privacy but also create a more comfortable environment for tenants. By adding a low level unobtrusive background sound specifically engineered to reduce noise between apartments, rooms and units, sound masking systems help property managers attract tenants and improve current tenant satisfaction.

Sound masking systems from Cambridge Sound Management are extremely cost effective, adding greater value to each property. With low-impact installation, Cambridge Sound Management can easily be add sound masking to any existing space as well as new building construction. Adding next generation Sound Masking improves the acoustic environment, increases speech privacy and helps tenants feel more comfortable – while still maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing environment, and your wallet.

Learn more about sound masking systems by browsing the materials below. These materials are the most common materials requested by property managers interested in adding a sound masking system to their projects.