Qt® Active Emitter wins TNT Award at ISE 2017

By Jon Page 2.07.2017


We’re proud to announce that our Qt® Active Emitter has won a TNT Award at ISE 2017, in the audio category.


2nd Annual Top New Technology (TNT) @ ISE 2017 Award Winners Announced

The Qt® Active Emitter is a single-source Emitter capable of both sound masking and simultaneous clear reproduction of paging and music signals. It provides higher SPL and a broader frequency range in a small, powerful speaker that’s virtually invisible once deployed in finished or open structure ceilings.

The Qt Active Emitter utilizes Cambridge Sound Management’s patented direct field Quiet Technology to deliver uniform sound masking directly into the workspace, for evenly distributed sound masking that can accommodate the architecture of the office. Because pages are being emitted directly into the environment, they’re clearer and easier for listeners to understand. Music sounds better too because the speaker is facing the listener instead of being played through a ceiling material. The Qt Active Emitter is a multifaceted audio solution to deliver sound masking, paging and music to customers in one easy to install solution.

Speech privacy is a major issue in the modern office. In fact, 53% of employees report having overheard confidential company information at the office. Speech privacy refers to one’s ability to hear and understand conversations. that aren’t intended for them, also known as eavesdropping . Lack of speech privacy causes employees to be less comfortable, more distracted, and less productive in their workspace.

The Qt® Active Emitter’s sound masking technology helps workplaces protect employee and customer speech privacy by rendering conversational speech at distances over 5 meters unintelligible to unintended listeners. It does this by adding a low-level unobtrusive background noise to the environment (similar to the sound of airflow) that “covers up” excess speech noise in the environment. The sound is tuned to the same frequencies of human speech, rendering speech at a certain distance unintelligible. This means that employees can have a conversation with those around them, but not be distracted by conversations down the hall.

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