How Sound Masking Helped Bank of America

By Jon Page 12.26.2017

Bank of America

Bank of America designed a new 38,000 square foot space in Boston to consolidate its National Help Line Call Center with over 200 associates. Using an open office concept to create a warm and inviting office space, the acoustics were compromised by sound-reflecting windows and domes that reflected sounds. The natural light was a welcomed addition to the space, but the sound reflective materials made the call center loud and hard for workers to focus.

Bank of America used a combination of sound absorbing materials (e.g. fiberglass ceiling tiles) to absorb sound as well as QtPRO sound masking system from Cambridge Sound Management to help reduce distracting conversations and other workplace sounds.  The VP of the National Help Line Call Center said, “The Bank of America National Helpline site in Boston houses over 200 associates. Even with all that talking, our work environment is private and productive, thanks to sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management. Their solution is straightforward and effective. I wouldn’t open a call center without it.” Read more in the Bank of America sound masking case study.

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