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By Jon Page 7.14.2017

Cambridge Sound Management has had tremendous growth over the last couple of years, making workplaces more productive, private and comfortable. Below, in no particular order, please find the top customer testimonials and customer quotes for Cambridge Sound Management from 2016 and 2017.

You can read the full customer stories here.

Testimonial Quotes – Cambridge Sound Management from Cambridge Sound Management on Vimeo.

“Sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management has helped us ensure that every customer and employee has a sense of privacy and comfort. We’re very pleased with the results. ”

– Jay Krabbenhoft Senior Vice President and Office Services Manager Gate City Bank


“Sound masking is a big part of making sure the space feels private and comfortable. We’re very satisfied with our experience with Cambridge Sound Management.”

-Allen Fletcher, Global Headquarters Operations Team Manager, Aquent


“With sound masking, I am no longer distracted by conversations that aren’t intended for me – they just fade into the background. This allows me to be much more productive at work.”

– Arthur Boilanger Help Desk Specialist Event Source


“Since installing sound masking, meetings in our conference room can’t be overheard elsewhere in our office space, and neither can conversations in adjacent offices. I wish I had known about sound masking earlier!”

– Vanya S. Hogen, Partner, Hogen Adams


“We haven’t really had any acoustical issues in the space. Sound masking is definitely a big part of that – we’re very satisfied with the product.”

– Jakob Bay Gydesen Audio-Visual Coordinator ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum


“We like it so much we’ve decided to roll it out at other Peach Tree locations and will be installing it in our corporate office”

– Greg Stone, Chief Executive Officer, Peach Tree Health


“The QtPro sound masking system has been instrumental at reducing the noise distractions in our office and our employees feel more confident that their conversations are not being overheard. “

– Rick Campos, Controller, Traditional Senior Living, LP


“Our employees are very pleased they can have meetings and know their conversations are not being heard by others at the other end of the office.“

– Dilia M. Teixeira, Office Manager Lead, RSM


“The introduction [of sound masking] has almost created an ‘invisible audio partition’ between our customer experience teams and our software development.”

– Lucy Sargent, Director, Customer Experience Manager, Applied Systems UK


“Sound masking helps make our office feel more quiet and comfortable. It’s become an essential part of our office .”

– Michele Sweet, President, Warren G. Bender Co.


“The sound masking system makes it so speech noise just kind of fades into the background and you don’t notice it. We love our new office!””

– Brook Barnett, Office Manager, PLICO


“Not only is QtPro extremely effective in reducing noise distractions and protecting speech privacy in our new office, but the Qt Emitters also fit in with our office’s open ceiling design. If I don’t point out the emitters to our visitors, they don’t even see them”

– Jay Scholten, Assistant Vice President – Asset Management, The Swig Company


“We wanted our patients to have a sense of privacy in our practice, and also to know that their medical data was being protected. Thanks to the technical know-how of prodyTel and the sound masking technology of Cambridge Sound Management, we now have a tailor-made and scalable solution”

– Dr. Martin Assenmacher, Neurology Specialist, Offices of Martin Assenmacher, Christoph Sevenich, and Sebastian Riedel


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