Top Ten Customer Quotes for Cambridge Sound Management in 2015

By Matt Nees 12.28.2015

top ten customer quotes for Cambridge Sound Management 2015

2015 was another great year for making workplaces more comfortable. Below, in no particular order, please find the top ten customer testimonials and customer quotes for Cambridge Sound Management from the past year.


You can read the full customer stories here. We’re excited to make more workplaces more private and productive in 2016!


“We installed the QtPro in an inpatient area, along with other noise-reducing measures. We’ve experienced positive results from the measures taken.”

– Wes Pooler, Director of Facilities Management, University of Vermont Medical Center


“We love QtPro – once you have sound masking installed in your office, you wonder how you ever lived without it. “

– Robert Hunt, Facility Manager, Benco Dental


“QtPro gives us greater reduction of noise and distractions and allows our staff to be more productive and feel more private. QtPro even meshed aesthetically with our multi-style tile ceiling design. Employees don’t even recognize or notice the emitters directly above them.“

– Dave Herrell, Director of IT, Highwinds


“QtPro provided the speech privacy we were lacking and it’s unobtrusive enough that we don’t really notice it. We’re pleased with the system.

– Wayne Linder, Chair of the Sound Technology and Media Committee, Mountain View Baptist Church


“Since QtPro has been installed we’ve noticed the reduction in typical office noise distractions and our meetings are less disruptive to people who are trying to concentrate on individual work. We love the product and wonder how we ever worked without it.”

– Santo A. Dettore III, Assistant Real Estate Manager, Hobbs Brook Management


“Since QtPro has been installed we’ve noticed the reduction in typical office noise distractions. Employees love the comfortable work environment but don’t even notice the sound masking sound. It’s a perfect addition to our new, modern office space.”

– Kevin Page, IT Finance Manager, Surgical Care Affiliates


“Sound masking has helped our office. I find that I’m less aware of noise and conversations happening in the ‘bullpen’ when I’m in with patients, and that they are too. Even talking to colleagues feels more private.”

– Medical Director of a primary care practice at a prestigious Boston-area hospital (name withheld at hospital’s request)


“Sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management met our office’s needs perfectly. It keeps the noise level down between the cubicle areas and also helps prevent speech noise from permeating through private office and conference room walls. It really works.”

– Dan Kloha, CPA, Partner, 415 Group


“Prior to installing the sound masking system, there were many complaints about employees being distracted by other people’s conversations. Now that we have QtPro we’re experiencing far fewer noise distractions and disruptions.”

– Kristin Durik, Vice President, Operations, Advantage+


“As a technology integrator, we knew how powerful QtPro could be for protecting speech privacy and reducing noise distractions in open office environments, but until we installed it in our own office we never fully appreciated how much more productive it can make workplaces.”

– Richard Durante, Sr., President, Tie National, LLC


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