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Software & Accessories

DynasoundPro Privacy Manager

The DynasoundPro Privacy Manager is a software application allows access to every individual networked speaker.

DSRMP Attenuator

The DSRMP-8 rack mounted attenuator panel is designed for use in large 70.7 volt centralized sound masking systems. Each attenuator is rated at 100 watts. Attenuator increments are 1.5 dB for each 1-10 position. Connections are made with pluggable rear mounted connectors.

DSLG22 Amplifier

The DynasoundPro DSLG22 sound masking amplifier is well suited for traditional 70 volt systems and smaller installations. It is used with the DS3008 or DS3002 DynasoundPro sound masking generators.

DSSB-4 Tile Bridge

The DSSB-4 Bridge Mount provides a rust-resistant steel, load bearing support for mounting the DS1390 or DS1398 low profile sound masking and paging speaker in a drop-tile ceiling grid.
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