Qt® Command Center

The Qt® Command Center (QtCC) is a software application designed to provide a unified view of all Cambridge Sound Masking Qt Control Modules from a single site.  The Qt Command Center makes the deployment and administration of very large sound masking installations across geographical locations simple and easy.  The Qt Command Center provides the benefit of setting and updating any controller regardless of its location on a corporate LAN.  The console allows users to copy settings from any controller and apply them to one or more controllers, eliminating the need to walk the building.

Download Command Center >>

Username: admin

Password: secret

If you have any questions setting up your command center, please email or call:

Email:  cambridgesupport@biamp.com
Phone:  1-877-BIAMP-XO  or  1-877-242-6796


Qt Command Center Introduction

  • NOTE:
  • Qt Controllers need to be networked models (Qt300 or Qt600) with firmware version 5.1 or higher.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer Operating System
  • A minimum of 4GB of Ram
  • A minimum of 50MB of Hard Drive Space
  • Find control modules on network via IP address
  • Control core sound masking settings from a consolidated interface
  • Still grants access to individual control module web-based monitoring and control software
  • Ability to label control modules with descriptions
  • Ability to upload maps and graphics to indentify specific locations of modules
  • Simple graphical interface with dials removes complexity of adjusting settings
  • Password protected
  • Ability to export settings
  • Licensing
  • The Qt Command Center is licensed on a per seat or per enterprise basis. The license agreement for the software prohibits copying or distributing the software in any form.